Celebrity Buyers in Brooklyn Heights

Celebrity Buyers in Brooklyn Heights

  • Lindsay Barton Barrett
  • 01/9/23

If you were looking to escape the glare of spotlights and incessant paparazzi cameras snapping, is there anywhere in New York that could offer you sanctuary? Does a community exist that would allow you to stop by a local coffee shop or make a run to the pharmacy like the rest of us?

More and more celebrities are discovering a well-kept secret — a historic neighborhood of beautifully renovated brownstone luxury homes — and they are moving to Brooklyn Heights.

Surprised? Don’t be! Extended blocks of peaceful and picturesque Brooklyn Heights homes comprise this 19th-century Manhattan suburb. Quiet, tree-lined streets and handsome stairways lead to elevated entrances of the spacious and elegant residences. Unlike other communities of this era and design, quiet residential streets close in the neighborhood, reducing traffic, tourism, and curious celebrity seekers. 

If it weren’t for the magnificent views of the NYC skyline across the East River, it would be easy to forget, for a moment, that you were in the city altogether.  And yet, whenever you want to enjoy all that The Big Apple offers, you’re conveniently situated only moments away.

The Neighbors

So who, you ask, are these famous Brooklyn Heights celebrities?

Amy Schumer recently acquired a Brooklyn Heights property for the handsome price of $12.5, making her the newest celebrity to do so. Her dream home purchase attracted attention, for she is now the owner of the “Moonstruck house,” easily recognized as the location from which the movie Moonstruck was filmed. 

Matt Damon caused a stir in 2018 when he bought what was then the most extravagantly priced home for sale in Brooklyn Heights for $16.7 million. His new home is the penthouse of the building which once housed the Standish Arms Hotel. He did not hold the record for long, as waterfront Quay Tower’s penthouse sold for $20 million, setting a new record, but holding onto it only momentarily before 8 Montague Terrace was sold last year for $25.5 million.  

Amy Schumer and Matt Damon are in good company with a host of other celebrities in Brooklyn Heights who have made it their home. Other neighbors include Adam Driver, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Rudd, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. With this many famous residents, celebrity sightings in the neighborhood are commonplace in parks, shops, and restaurants.

Brooklyn Heights, for its recent influx of celebrities, is not unfamiliar with illustrious personages. In years gone by, writers such as Henry Miller, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Arthur Miller called this neighborhood home. Social activists and orators W.E.B. DuBois and Henry Ward Beecher did as well. 

The Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood

What is so appealing about the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, and why are so many celebrities moving to Brooklyn Heights

A Rich History

Besides the privacy, the tranquility, and the beautiful historic homes, the neighborhood is an integral part of New York’s history. The neighborhood began to develop in the early 1800s, thanks to the development of the steam engine, which enabled New York residents to cross the East River and yet still live connected to the city. Distinctive architectural styles have been preserved and renovated to reflect changing times, and in the 1960s, Brooklyn Heights had the distinction of being named the first Historic District of New York.

New and Trendy Eateries

Hungry residents, as well as visitors from across the city, patiently wait for their turn to sample L’appartement 4F’s delectable French pastries. Those craving heartier fare choose Felice, which offers patrons a tour of Tuscany and other Italian favorites. Ingas Bar (and restaurant) is garnering rave reviews for savory fare and aesthetically pleasing fare. 

Not so long ago, dining out in Brooklyn Heights was merely a local affair, with residents gathering at their favorite diner or bar, but few restaurants garnered attention or attracted patrons outside of the neighborhood.

Quality of Life

In addition to the charm of Brooklyn Heights, life is good here. Streets are easily walkable, the schools are excellent, and numerous neighborhood parks provide space to get outdoors, including Brooklyn Bridge Park with its numerous amenities. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a popular place to view the harbor and Manhattan. Brooklyn Heights is rated as one of the best places to raise a family and one of the best neighborhoods in New York. No wonder so many, namely those who can afford the very best for themselves, are choosing to move here.

Brooklyn Heights Properties

2022 has been an exciting year for Brooklyn Heights real estate. Over the course of 2022, the number of listings for this neighborhood and surrounding areas peaked at 4,795. Incredibly, that inventory count has dropped to less than 900 as of November. These numbers alone attest to the incredible popularity of Brooklyn Heights and the speed with which eager buyers are seeking to acquire one of their own. Currently, the median list price is slightly under $1 million, with luxury apartments and historic brownstones costing considerably more. Most homes are listed and sold within three months’ time, but the most coveted properties are purchased even more quickly. 

Buyers are transforming these classic homes and personalizing them to suit modern times and their personal lifestyles. Rooftop decks expand the outdoor living space- an essential element of homes since the pandemic, and others are adding home offices, fitness rooms, and more that only serve to elevate the value of these highly desirable properties.

Curiosity Piqued?

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, if you are interested in learning more about Brooklyn Heights homes for sale, Lindsay Barton Barrett, an experienced and knowledgeable NY broker can answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect sanctuary to call home, right here in the heart of the city.  

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